Rachel Timmermans

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Rachel Timmermans

BA Policy Studies

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Executive Committee Member

(403) 440-6404
Vice-President External


Rachel is currently in the 5th year of a Policy Studies degree. She has served as a SAMRU Clubs executive as the Vice President External of the Policy Studies Students’ Society. Rachel is passionate about politics and helping get people engaged in the policy process, as well as encouraging students to find their voice in the political realm.

Rachel had the opportunity to engage with hundreds of students during the 2019 Federal Election as SAMRU’s Get Out The Vote Coordinator. She noted that she learned two things during the experience: that many students feel disenfranchised by the political process, and more importantly, that many students don’t know about the array of supports and services provided by SAMRU, their students’ association. It’s experiences like this among many others that made Rachel passionate and motivated enough to put her name forward and run.

As Vice-President External, Rachel hopes to weave stronger communication into everything your representatives do with and for you. Every student invests in SAMRU, and by improving communication, every student can fully experience the benefits of SAMRU and find an opportunity to get involved.

For more information, please read the Vice-President External’s job description.


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