Sex Toy Bingo: It’s More than just Sex Toys

Sex Toy Bingo was started in 2015 with the goal of creating a fun and judgment-free event to educate students on consent, self-pleasure, and safe use of sex toys, plus encourage the exploration of sex and sexuality. The event takes place in the fall and winter semesters in Wyckham House. There’s a different theme for Sex Toy Bingo each semester, and students are encouraged to dress up according to the theme!

While Sex Toy Bingo is a fun event, it also fills some of the gaps that may have existed in the sex education that students received prior to starting university. From The State of Sex-Ed in Canada (2019):

“In sum, the sex-ed most young people in Canada receive is:

1. Not meeting international standards and best practices nor is it meeting our own 2019 Canadian Guidelines for Sexuality Education;
2. Outdated;
3. Not comprehensive;
4. Not monitored or evaluated to ensure high-quality delivery; and
5. Offered by educators who receive low to no support from provinces and educational systems and whose comfort levels are often low.”

A lack of education and open conversation about sex leads to stigma and misinformation, which is something that Sex Toy Bingo (twice a year) and Sexpo Week (in the fall semester) aim to improve upon. Sex Toy Bingo creates a safe space for students to have fun and express themselves while playing bingo for sex toys. There are also mini-games throughout the evening that help to educate students, along with the Pride Centre booth and other educational resources. 

The topics that are discussed leading up to the main Sex Toy Bingo event focus on the ‘taboo’ aspects of sex, sexuality, and sex toys to destigmatize some of the assumptions students may have or help students become more comfortable with these topics.  

Sexpo Week offers workshops that focus on topics related to safe and consensual sex, communication, what healthy sexual relationships may look like, and more. If you’re in need of some sexual health resources before the fall semester rolls around, check out our recent blog post.

Sex Toy Bingo is fast approaching on February 16th! The theme for this Sex Toy Bingo is 70s Disco, so dress to impress in your best sparkly outfit to be entered in our door prize! Doors will open at 7:30 pm and the first game begins at 8:00 pm. If you’re on the reservation list, be sure to arrive before 7:45 pm to guarantee your entry. The reservation list has now been filled, but there will be a limited amount of seats available at the door (make sure to show up early)! This is an 18+ event, so remember to bring one piece of valid, government-issued photo I.D. and your MRU One Card! 

If you have any questions about Sex Toy Bingo, DM us on Instagram @samrubuzz